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Older adults – or digiboomers – make up almost a third of the UK population, and are spending £14.5 billion online every year. Our guides outline why they are important audience to cater for, and what steps you can take to make your website age-friendly.

An introduction to digiboomers

  • Discover the business case for making websites age-friendly.
  • Find out the accessibility needs of older adults.
  • Use the checklist to see how age-friendly your website is.

What do older adults hate about websites?

  • Find out what the most common complaints of older adults are on websites.
  • Guidance for checking your own website.
  • Recommended solutions for fixing issues.

What people are saying about the reports

"Very insightful and similar to the results we have had from testing technologies with older users."
Senior Research Associate - Inclusive Design

"Amazing Work"
Independent User Experience Consultant

"A very good read, have passed it on to my wider team."
Head of Experience Design

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