User Testing

Accessible software and websites present a business opportunity because accessible software can be used by the widest possible audience. This results in improved marketing plus lower training and support costs. Accessibility is also a legal obligation. We ensure your software will work in the real world.

We conduct Scenario Based User Testing. We do this by engaging our large contact base of disabled people who use assistive technologies. This group includes people with:

  • Visual and Hearing Impairments - screen reader users, screen magnifier users, Braille device users and deaf users
  • Mobility Impairments - keyboard-only navigation users, voice recognition software users and users of mouse and keyboard replacements e.g. switches, head pointers
  • Cognitive Issues - dyslexics, users with learning difficulties, users for whom English is not their native language

Our testing is backed by our:

  • Team of dedicated highly experienced Test Engineers
  • Screen magnifier users
  • Testing methodology that identifies issues that aren't picked up by automated testing tools - but are found by real users
  • Compatibility Testing Lab

Learn how we can help ensure your website and software are accessible.

Call us on 0800 612 2780.

Participate in User Testing

We are always looking for people to participate in our website user testing projects. No skills are required and you can earn £30 per hour or more. See the full details on our Website User Testing Participants page.