About Us

We're specialists in testing websites and web-based applications across e-commerce, online banking, trading portals, e-learning and social networks, whether you need functionality testing, compatibility or accessibility testing.
We provide UX services that drive the creation of great user experiences.

Our clients range from digital agencies to multinationals and public sector organisations.

How We Can Help

Looking for software quality assurance? 

Whilst many test companies employ off-shore staff, or even rely on crowd-sourcing, we are proud of our in-house test lab and highly professional on-site consultants.

We can support you in a number of ways:

  • Helping you move towards quality-driven development processes, defining which elements of the development cycle are suitable for automated testing and improving manual testing procedures.
  • One-off projects that require an expert quality assessment – fast.
  • Longer term projects where testing needs to be incorporated into development at various stages.
  • Complex test issues, such as root cause analysis of live issues.
  • Process improvement and managing the shift to agile processes.
  • Maintaining the quality of large websites and e-commerce platforms over extended live time.

Is your digital product accessible?

There are powerful business, ethical and legal reasons for ensuring your digital products are accessible for all. We have undertaken more than 400 accessibility testing and consultancy projects since 2002 and are committed to ongoing research so that we can provide the best advice to our clients. Our accessibility services  include manual and automated testing, user testing with disabled participants, consultancy and training.

Are you providing a good user experience for all?

We help our clients to identify, create and validate better digital experiences through a range of UX research methods including usability testing and bespoke research. We can provide valuable insight at every stage of the development cycle. 

Are you really meeting your customers’ needs?

We can help you to deeply understand your customers’ motivations and experience, and the “why” behind the data – enabling you to stay on track to provide relevant and engaging experiences. 

Are you using customer insight to drive innovation?

Using qualitative approaches to supplement your data, we can map the bigger picture of the customer journey and identify the key opportunities for innovation. Employing the principles of Design Thinking and Service Design, we can help you to embed customer insight into your development.

Does your digital experience represent your company, product or brand in the best possible way?

We can show you how your customer experience compares to your competitors’. We create engaging personas, journey maps, and user stories to bring our research to life, and help you to create a truly customer centric culture.

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We can respond to most requests within 24 hours. If necessary we can work around the clock to help you meet your deadline, whilst still delivering quality product.

To discuss your requirements for quality software, please contact us.