Test Lab Services

Our test lab is located right where you need it, in the heart of central London.

From our lab, we research, plan, manage and conduct testing for a wide variety of clients and software. Working closely alongside our clients, we are committed to continually improving our processes, tools and techniques based on client feedback and over 20 years of experience.

Every client has specific needs and every project is different. We'll tailor our processes to your project based on your needs and the way that your software will be used. We specialise in full stack Exploratory Testing which particularly suits products and projects that are complex, high risk and high visibility and where time is short.

The following are important tests for your software. Functionality Testing is essential:

If you're developing a mobile app, it should have specialist Mobile Application Testing.

We also offer Accessibility Testing, Performance Testing, Penetration Testing and testing on various forms of multimedia and E-learning.

For further information on our Test Lab services, please contact us to discuss your requirements.