Accessibility Consultancy

Our accessibility consultancy services will dramatically lower the cost of your software development by ensuring that accessibility is incorporated from the outset. Our consultancy can be integrated into every stage of your development cycle.

Typically the process consists of:

Initial Consultancy

By involving an accessibility consultant at the very start of a project, you can be sure that the final design meets your required level of accessibility. We will identify issues and recommend changes that will enable you to meet your accessibility objectives.

We can also create an accessibility policy and guidelines for your developers and content creators to ensure that they work in alignment with the project's accessibility objectives. 

At this stage, the consultant will recommend a test strategy and suitable tools.

Wireframe Review

This will verify the project is on track to provide the required level of accessibility. At this early stage potential issues will be identified and page-specific coding guidelines will be provided for the developers.

Review of Creative Designs

At this stage the colour palette will be tested for contrast, and the coding guidelines will be updated as the documentation shows more clearly how the design will be implemented.

Audit of Page Templates

When the page templates have been created, the WCAG checkpoints are tested. It is much easier and cheaper to implement changes at this stage than when the website is populated with content.

Final Build Stage

At this stage we will conduct WCAG testing on the final page content. We can also identify the important use cases and conduct scenario-based user testing and automated accessibility testing.