Readability Audit

How easy is your content to understand?

Does your website have barriers that prevent your website from communicating with its audience?

Government research shows that less than half of the UK population has a literacy level equivalent to GCSE Grade A* to C.

Even websites with a technical focus should provide good readability. Research shows that 80% of people with a high level of literacy still prefer simple English. To read fluently, people would rather concentrate on the subject, not on the words themselves.

What is readability?

Readability is about more than just the complexity of vocabulary and syntax. It includes typographical issues such as the font, text size and contrast, alignment and even capitalisation - all these contribute to enabling your audience to read and understand the written text.

Find out about the readability of your content

For a limited period, Test Partners we will provide you with a complimentary readability primer. Whilst not a full report, the primer offers insight into the readability of your website.

To qualify for a readability primer, complete the above ‘Request a call’ form, letting us know that this is the reason for your enquiry, and the website that you would like us to assess.

“I like the Primer report, it’s really helpful from a content manager’s perspective. The focus on the way content is written and presented is extremely useful.”
Website Manager, VisitScotland