Compatibility Testing

Our Test Lab contains all the facilities and equipment necessary for compatibility testing on all the hardware and software you wish to support.

The advantages:

  • Ensure your software will work in the real world
  • Reduce your development costs, time and stress by fixing issues earlier in the development cycle
  • Ensure your marketing is more effective and your brand enhanced by a positive user experience

We have:

  • Every version of common browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera and Google Chrome
  • Every version of major plug-ins and supporting applications such as Flash Player, Shockwave, Adobe Reader, Windows Media Player and many more
  • Many niche browsers such as Lynx, 360 Secure Browser, UCWeb and Tor
  • Hundreds of mobile devices covering different vendors, operating systems and browsers

Operating System Compatibility

We have:

  • Every version of Windows and Mac operating system that has been released since 1995
  • Every service pack and update
  • Many versions of Linux

Hardware Compatibility

  • Mobile phones including all Apple iPhone, Android devices including Samsung Galaxy models, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and many others
  • PC and Mac computers, laptops, tablets. We hold in excess of 100 types, ranging from low-end to premium models
  • Apple iPod touch models

Learn how our compatibility testing will ensure your software works perfectly.

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