Website Testing FAQs

What browsers and devices should I consider for testing?

Our vendor, operating system and browser statistic research (including emerging trends) has the answer. We can create a compatibility matrix that is optimised for your project and advise what coverage you should be building towards. 

Will my site work with all common browsers on PC and Mac?

We have physical machines with every version of Windows and Mac OS and all the common browsers, and we can advise which should be tested based on current market share statistics. We can also test the less common browsers too.

Will my website work with different versions of JavaScript, Flash, Windows Media Player etc?

Our extensive software library includes every common plugin and media player version. We can identify the minimum requirements for your website and ensure that visitors are prompted to upgrade if they do not have a supported version. 

Will people with visual disabilities be able to browse and purchase on my website?

Our accessibility testing will assess your site against the WCAG guidelines and from a 'real world' perspective using assistive technologies. We can conduct real user testing with disabled participants for the ultimate accessibility exposure. 

We have different language versions of our website. Can you test them?

Yes. We can test websites in any right-to-left and left-to-right language.

We've just updated our website and transaction figures have dropped off. What's happening?

Our Full Stack Exploratory investigative testing is specially designed for hard to pin down website issues like this.

Is the size of the testing project important?

Our minimum project size is half a day, but we’ll work with you to effectively plan for whatever budget you have for your testing, maximising your ROI. 

Can you test my site tomorrow?

We understand that projects have tight deadlines, or that sometimes conversion rates drop off unexpectedly. With our 24/7 operation we can usually start testing the same day as your initial enquiry. 

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