Mobile Application Testing

Although web and mobile apps can share technologies, there are fundamental differences in the way mobile apps are used that make the testing more complex and critical.

We’ve been testing Mobile Apps since 2001 and have been a member of AQuA (the App Quality Alliance) helping define testing standards since 2013.

Emulators can work for developers, but are poor for testers. Testing mobile apps effectively requires real devices - we have hundreds and we are constantly adding to our hardware library. Real devices help us to see how the app works from an end user's perspective across different networks, connection speeds, with varying device specifications and performance metrics.

App testing needs to cover functionality and compatibility across a diverse range of hardware. It may also need to cover localisation (your mobile apps come with you when you go abroad), interoperability, network issues, accessibility for disabled users, user experience and security. You may not need to conduct all of these, but you should consider them in the testing mix.

Our experience over 15 years is invaluable in helping you to work out what is critical, necessary or optional as part of your test specification. We will:

  • Ensure your mobile app works in the real world
  • Reduce your development costs, time and stress by identifying issues earlier in the development cycle
  • Ensure your marketing is more effective and your brand enhanced by positive user experiences

Find out how we can ensure that your mobile apps work perfectly.

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