Usability Testing

Different Users, Different Needs

Visitors to your website or users of your mobile app will have a wide range of screen experiences. Experienced users will have certain expectations based on industry norms, while inexperienced users will need guidance through any unfamiliar screen.

Failing to cater for this range of experiences is likely to result in lost sales and poor app store reviews, as visitors fail to find what they are looking for or are unable to complete transactions.

Demographic Profiling

A key factor in usability testing is the identification of the demographic profiles of the target audience, taking into account factors such as their age, profession, cultural background, level of Internet or app experience and possibly other factors such as their gender and medical condition.

Participant Recruitment

We understand how important it is to test the right participants. We maintain a database of people who have registered an interest in taking part and have a long track record of attracting participants with diverse and unusual profiles.

One-to-one Sessions

We recruit participants to match your required demographic profiles. They are given general and specific tasks and are observed by a facilitator as they use your software or website. Audio-visual recordings may also be made.

Throughout this process the participants are encouraged to explain their behaviour and thought processes.

Our dedicated usability lab is fully set up for multi viewpoint video and full audio, as well as live viewing in a separate room.

Our reports includes analysis, recommendations and proposed solutions supported by relevant audio-visual clips taken from the recordings. The complete unedited recordings can also be supplied if required.

Focus Groups

Focus groups are better suited to discovering what users want from the system rather than investigating the usability of the design.

Groups typically contain between five and ten users. It is usual to run more than one focus group to eliminate the bias that can occur in a single session.