Software Functionality Testing

Since 2001 we've conducted more than 1500 test projects, large and small. We've built a strong client base of repeat business amongst blue chips, digital agencies, the Public Sector and smaller companies, from UK and abroad.

The advantages:

  • Ensure your software works in the real world
  • Reduce your development costs, time and stress by identifying issues earlier in the development cycle
  • Ensure your marketing is more effective and your brand enhanced by a positive user experience

How We Do It

Our testing can be delivered in a number of flexible ways:

  • Manual, Context-Driven Exploratory Testing. Our unique Full Stack exploratory testing methodology is 2 to 3 times faster than scripted testing and eliminates unnecessary documentation. We also provide scripted testing when a more formal testing approach is appropriate
  • Automated Testing. We use test automation tools to improve the efficiency of certain types of tests and to perform tests that cannot be completed manually
  • Bespoke Testing Tool Development. When a suitable testing tool is not available, our developers will create it for your project
  • Central London Test Lab. Our Test Lab is fully equipped to handle almost any project. Operating 24/7, we can keep working when your day has finished. We can also send skilled testers and any equipment required to your office

Learn more about our software functionality testing, please contact us.