Usability Services

We help our clients to identify, validate, and create better digital experiences through a range of UX research methods and approaches. We can provide valuable insight at every stage of the development cycle.

Services offered include:

Usability Testing

Moderated, unmoderated, lab-based or remote. We can provide testing on all devices in our own labs and in locations around the UK.

IA Research and Testing

Create and validate intuitive navigation and labelling through methods that align structures around how your users think.

Ethnographic Research, Customer Journey Mapping

Observing and analysing customer behaviour to identify key opportunity points.

Focus Groups and Surveys

To understand your customers’ wants, needs and wider experience.

Persona Development

Bring your data to life to help your team keep customers front of mind.

Content Testing

Ensure your messages are getting across.

Quick Expert Reviews

For UX feedback when time is tight.

Bespoke Research

We specialise in mixed methods approaches to deliver the insights you need.


Don't know what you need? Our UX consultants have many years of experience across the public sector, ecommerce, insurance, banking, travel and leisure, automotive, education/e-learning, gaming and charities.  We’re happy to advise on the best approach to meet your timescales and budgets.

We use professional user recruitment for all our research ensuring relevant, engaged participants accurately reflecting your target audiences.

Contact us now on 0800 612 2780 or for more details.