For e-commerce businesses, time equates, quite literally, to money – and in the case of e-commerce leader Amazon, to a reported $29,000 per minute.

It is essential, therefore, that an e-commerce site presents products well and makes the transaction as easy as possible, within the obvious restrictions of financial security.

We have a considerable track record of working on e-commerce projects, using advanced exploratory testing skills to deliver efficient outcomes for clients. Our expertise in the field of accessibility also helps clients to improve their websites for the benefit of customers with special needs. This expands opportunities for online retailers as well as contributing to a fairer society.

Whether a project is in stage of initial development, or testing is required after modifications have been made to a site, we can provide a thorough assessment of the software’s suitability for launch. Our feedback will include a balanced explanation of any issues that could impede commercial outcomes.

To discuss your e-commerce project with our team, please contact us.