Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2016

To mark Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), we are raising awareness of the challenges that people experience in understanding language and visual communications.

Why is Readability Important?

Research shows that 43% of the UK population has a literacy level equal to GCSE Grade A* to C.

Older people, young children, adults with dyslexia, people with learning difficulties and those with low vision all benefit from text that is simple to read and understand.

Even websites with a technical focus should provide good readability. Research also shows that 80% of people with a high level of literacy still prefer simple English. To read comfortably, people would rather concentrate on the subject, not on the words themselves.

What is Readability?

Readability is about more than just plain language. It covers a range of factors including the choice of font, text size and contrast, alignment and even capitalisation. All these contribute to helping your audience read and understand the written text.

Join us on Global Accessibility Awareness Day

We’re carrying out a number of activities to promote readability and plain English. To raise awareness of the issue, we’re asking all our staff to make our written material as simple as possible for GAAD and beyond.

Follow @testpartners on Twitter, where we will be translating common business phrases into plain English throughout the day. Join in by providing your own, and we’ll rate them for you.

Win a Readability Study of your Content

How easy is your content to understand? Does your website create barriers for your visitors?

We will provide the first five organisations to contact us with a complimentary readability primer. The next five will be offered one at a reduced rate.

Whilst not a full report, the primer offers great insight into the readability of your website.

What our Clients Say

“I like the Primer report, it’s really helpful from a content manager’s perspective. The focus on the way content is written and presented is extremely useful.” VisitScotland

This web page should be easy to read for anyone who has a reading age equivalent to that of a typical 14 to 15 year old.